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Okay we will start to choose the best mutual fund 2019 2020, I will definitely compare stock mutual funds with the stock price index, is there a stock mutual fund process that is able to beat monthly returns from the composite stock price index in the last 12 months, so then there are up to months to 9th 10 hello everyone friends on the RF channel on Youtube Still with me Ryan Filbert in this video this weekend I will discuss about how to choose the best mutual funds from 2019 to 2020 where I will process the data from January 2019 to January 2020, Like what and who turned out to be the best mutual fund or become a Inside is new for you to be able to choose the best mutual funds, Please stay tuned in the RF channel on YouTube, please subscribe, like, share and comment as well as what you want to ask and I will gladly answer if I know and to contact I Via WhatsApp to ask or get acquainted with the number changed in 0878 9898 0789 I am also very happy to be able to answer questions from you or you if you just want to get acquainted please add my WhatsApp on 0878 9898 0789, we will return in a moment to choose the best mutual fund in 2019 until by 2020 hello everyone, welcome back to the RF channel on YouTube.


Still together Ryan Filbert, in this week we will try to find out, who or what mutual fund product is best if we look at it from 2019 to 2020, maybe I used to give it a way but I didn’t discuss it until I mentioned the name, because first you might think that I do black champagne at one and the other but finally I think it is one thing that I inevitably do if you look at the investment trends in mutual funds starting to fall from the end of the year 2019 November, December, January , makes me think that, OK, I usually share this through the online course that I have prepared where my team tries to process mutual fund data in rank every month and this time I will try to discuss in general so if you also want to get monthly updates from my team by processing the ranking method, you can visit there you just register and every month you don’t need to process the data because my team has been processing to provide review to you, all you have to do is just read and monitor where your Mutual Fund position is in that month.


Okay, we will start choosing the best mutual fund 2019-2020, this time I will fall into the Mutual Fund share, Why? because mutual funds have the most falls and also the ones that may follow the tail, so it becomes important for us to take from the most risky, right? I will definitely compare the stock mutual funds with the combined stock price index or here, the stock index, what data do we use we recapitulate all Mutual Funds by type ie stock mutual funds for mutual funds less than 1 year does not take into account its performance and Mutual Funds that expire before January 2020 we will not count as well, if you want to see What data is processed, the data is as follows, the data has been processed, There are many, there are stock mutual funds, IHSG, then there is starting from avrist equity usually this will continue to follow the name of Mutual Funds and Mutual Funds what is the total If you want to know, existing mutual funds during 2019 until January 2020 there are a total of 284 products, this has not been calculated with the new ones appearing in the middle of the journey between 2019 until 2020, then how do we process all of the NAV per unit so that we get, we look for NAV per unit every month, then every month our NAV per unit percentage will go up and down compared to the previous month and We decrease the number per month, we want to find the accumulations for 12, 9, 6 and 3 months ago.

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We will look for the accumulated results compared with IHSG returns because in my opinion, I usually rarely compare directly with the biggest return, who lowest return, the greatest return is not inferior to IGSG, which has a higher return, which actually means losing, by whose method? So what stock RD is able to outperform the combined stock price index by accumulating returns in 12 months when viewed monthly, this is the name in front of your screen, where for 12 months the combined stock price index in a month-to-month basis if accumulated is 10 , where this is 10% after the accumulation of ups and downs, then it turns out that 48% is in Reksadana Cipta leading stocks and the smallest at 10.02 fitting pairs is Mutual Funds Syariah Capital Syariah equity, so, there are really big, just ordinary, really big Yes that is it, if we look at How about 9 months if there are 9 months it turns out we have Mutual Funds compared to composite stock price index where the combined stock price index is 4.9% accumulated and it turns out to be less there are still names that were earlier, yes then if 6 months it turns out that 2.32 if we look again it turns out that the biggest is changing where is the biggest directly at 7.9, namely Mutual Funds Pacific Shariah shares and then in 3 months at 1.2 then there is also the highest name in mutual funds Pacific Syariah Shares are still Sorry Mutual Funds Victoria equity Maxima so in 12, 9, 6 and 3 we can see that what used to be very fast suddenly became not tight, then what used to exist suddenly became nothing backward or even in the sixth month, suddenly there is no such thing as performance, so if you ask further is that 12, 9, 6, 3 always outperform the composite stock price index, is there? there are three answers, namely Muthanana Shinhan Partners Maxim Equity, Sharia Equity Capital Sharia Mutual Funds, Sharia Equity Capital Sharia Mutual Funds 2, yes 3 mutual fund products that are able to accumulate month-on-month in which accumulated returns per month are able to outperform the combined stock price index during his earlier 12,9,6,3 or all 12 and 6, 3 are superior, that’s what I can tell up to here what if we are Ryan on average? if on average in 12 months it turns out there are names too and more or less similar to the one earlier but why? I still took it, because it could be the average and the accumulated result in a different winner because even though the method of taking was the same and when he took the high minus portion he could have been depressed more, for 9 months also if the average was the same, there was, then 0.5% is still a plus, but for 6 months the percentage has decreased, so it can be said that like this the average return per month at 0.3% turns out there is a Stock Mutual Fund Index that is able to return an average of 12 months per month when calculated monthly then 1.32% per month, also update yes, if suppose that he is able to do stable then he can get 12 to 13% per year, right? for 3 months it turned out to be 0.4 and some were able to outperform Victoria Equity Maxima Mutual Funds from here we can see a monthly average return if 3 months, but unfortunately 6 months and 12 months turned out to be bad and if it was taken yes it turned out that the winner was still lacking more the same yes, there is Shinhan, Sharia Capital Sharia Equity, Pacific Sharia Stock 2 and we note here the average return turns out that in an interesting year is around 1%, so notbad if 1% multiplied by 1 year means 12% if in a year there is a stock mutual fund process that is able to beat monthly returns from the combined stock price index in the last 12 months, so we do not accumulate, but we want to shoot directly, we open the data, where we want to find from month 1 must win, month 2 must win , month 3 must win, must win win win no, the answer is sorry maybe the one on your front screen is the best, why? Because in the first 4 months, the first 5 months, the first 6 months, it is able, so in January 2019 to July 2019 it can always outperform, for example who? an example is the Mutual Fund Cipta Karya Featured, for the first 6 months was able to surpass the 7th month of losing, the 8th month of losing, the 9th month of losing, 10 lost, 11 won, 12 lost a lot, then he did not appear so because he was a big reduction , then we talk again whether or not there is something that can last for a period of time, such as the Mandiri Investa Equity Movement Mutual Fund, cool first month, heavy 2nd month, heavy 3rd month, heavy, heavy, heavy and constantly losing, so it won’t come out the numbers Because the deduction is also high, so, if the last 3 months are not there either, where the last 3 months we have seen the data earlier we also met the name of the Mutual Fund Victoria Equity Maxima, it turns out that in the month in the month, the last 3 months outperformed but the fifth month 6th of the 9th month was 12 months negative, so there is nothing if every month from the data of Mutual Funds in Indonesia data is taken month to month where I take this data directly from the FSA and also come from the Blue Bank, where this data is hopefully valid , disclaimer the data is wrong but does not eliminate our intentions and objectives to find out more, no one in 12 months 12 months, 12 months is able to beat the monthly return of the composite stock price index continuously but is it not, if accumulated for 1 year? able to beat return to the accumulated return or Everest return from the composite stock price index, the answer is there, we have already discussed so roughly, Is the 12-month stock mutual funds continue to grow? there are also only the first 5 months that 2019-2020 he plus plus, meaning that we want to find who can always beat, So if for example IHSH is minus, he minus even smaller he wins no, So if he continues plus the answer is definitely no Also, if there is a plus, there will only be 5 months until July, the answer is Mutual Capital Capital Equity Fund, Mutual Fund Mutual Funds, HPAM Smart BETA Equity Mutual Funds, Sharia Mutual Funds Shariah-based Syariah Sharia Mutual Funds, Sharia Mutual Funds, which are able to defeat, not defeat this beat is always positive but yes he turns out in the 7th month in month 6 is also minus, just month so if for example you want to find a plus, then there is up to the 9th month, the 10th is Mutual Funds Syariah Cipta Syariah superior shares, he can continue to be plus and minus in October to November return, this is Syariah Simas Equity Mutual Fund plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus minus in the 11th month if he doesn’t win it almost like that and unfortunately in December to January, if everything returns minus, so this will be abusive, nothing can last 12 months this data is always + 12 months of data means 13 months do not forget yes why did I make this? I think it is very important, that mutual funds do not need to be monitored, the answer needs to be monitored, you have to know which mutual funds are ranked in the ranks of all existing Mutual Funds, there are two hundreds of mutual funds, and we cannot close our eyes if we choose , as long as you choose being a smart investor, we know that there are Mutual Funds, Mutual Funds that go down very deep, which even permit investment managers to suspend and have to be forced to sell.

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We also don’t want you to invest in such a place, even though investment managers have been given certification and OJK permits related to Investment manager, but that does not mean that OJK is watching, it does not mean that you cannot lose, so that does not mean it is guaranteed not to violate. Why? because even a football match with a referee is not to eliminate, eliminate violations but to reduce violations without intending to defend any party I am also like you, I am an investor, I also have a Mutual Fund, I also have shares and I also have other investment instrument assets, I want us to be smart investors for ourselves first and make other people around us smart, why? because when I share it again with you actually I’m reminding myself to be more disciplined, easy for me to talk like to you but for me it’s also difficult to do, but choose which already do not understand the method, do not know to do it and what do you want to do? it is not a smart choice in our lives, anyway this is only for review the best mutual fund from 2019 until 2020, if you feel that this is a very good review please comment so that I also consider to be able to make this every month and maybe you want to ask and if you want to get exclusive to get a monthly update report complete from stock mutual funds to money market mutual funds, please access to where you will get a review every month from my team for all Mutual funds, so you do not have to bother to review or monitor it yourself and for special offers, if you follow to get a course from rd.savingsaham, you will not only get a review but you will get Mutual Fund education, there are 13, 14 modules that I have brought and very briefly that can increase your chances of becoming more profitable or become more estant and growth in Mutual Fund investment, hopefully it will continue to be useful and don’t forget to add my Whatsapp at 0878 9898 0789, Regards for Indonesia Investment from me Ryan Filbert

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