1-2 Juta Rupiah: Smartphone Terbaik 2020 Pilihan Kami (Di Bawah 2 juta)

Dedy: See you again in the TV Review Universe. This time we have come to give a recommendation for a smartphone at the end of 2020 which of course will be suitable for 2021 and its price range? Chris: at 1 to 2 million rupiah Dedy: 1 to 2 million rupiah OK, for the price of 1 to 2 million rupiah this time, yes, this is a smartphone recommendation that is a bit tricky, it’s easy to get difficult Chris: really tricky if you’re not careful it can be a bit wrong to choose and the experience of using a smartphone can be uncomfortable Dedy: yes, because the price difference is 200-300 thousand in this price class, the difference can be very big Chris: right Dedy: this is why our price choice will not be below the price 1.5 million yes, we will not find a price below 1.5 million, why?

because if you choose a price below that , I’m afraid after using it for 2-3 months, there are already regrets, especially if you start making comparisons with friends “well, why didn’t I add 200 thousand”, “well, why didn’t I add 300 thousand”. it hurts, actually it will be more expensive if you regret later “I want to sell it first, then I want to buy a new one” it’s better to lose from the start, we’re not teaching for consumptives, but to save the funds invested to buy a smartphone Chris: struggle a little more, a little more, for a better experience Dedy: the important point is, you can use it longer Chris: Before we enter the list of smartphones that we will recommend, we have a few disclaimers first, Dedy: of course all the smartphones that come in this list is a smartphone that has been officially announced before December 2020 and our choice is based on the prices that appear at the end of November 2020 we also show smartphones that are still officially sold and new, not second hand (used) we do not recommend second hand if you want to buy second hand, whatever.

But at your own risk, because there are advantages there, we also do not recommend imported goods that are not officially imported into Indonesia, of course there are official goods like the ones above. This is official stuff. The brand is indeed official in Indonesia, sometimes there are those that exist only abroad, some are imported, so the service is usually not covered here, it’s a bit dangerous too, we don’t recommend anything like that, then when we talk about changes, it can happen at any time so maybe our choices are not right, because there are changes such as changes in market prices or the availability of goods that have changed from existing to non-existent, or even the opposite, which previously did not exist, becomes available and there may be the arrival of products that are not available.

It’s also new, so we might have missed it, as much as we checked, there might still be something we missed Chris: maybe when we did the survey we didn’t find it Dedy: and again what you really need to remember all of these are our recommendations but the most important the right to choose for you is you yourself don’t get too hung up on our reference, but pay attention to how we choose h ok, let’s just start for the range of 1-2 million rupiah, this has a condition Chris? Chris: of course there is a condition that from our standards we ask for 1-2 million, at least 32GB of storage is at least never take a smartphone with 16GB of storage in 2020 is not recommended, it was too small 5 years ago maybe ok, 2020, don’t at least 32GB, even then it’s already tight, actually just for this price range, we can’t ask for much too then RAM is at least 3GB Don’t 2GB in 2020 don’t ever take things with 2GB RAM, it’s very uncomfortable Dedy: yes, we’re talking about normal Android, okay? no, it’s too small to be 2GB, so take the minimum 3GB Chris: later the experience will not be good then the next requirement is that the processor is at least 8 cores, which has Cortex A7 so the point is Dedy: A73, A75 Chris: the point is, still it uses fast cores so the performance is still there because in this price range it’s a bit tricky mostly only providing A5 series processors Dedy: yes 8 cores but only A5 so much Chris: s eri A5 is all low power cores, there is no power, there is no power so it’s not very fast Dedy: although there are advantages to saving power, it can also be Chris: but we balance power saving with convenience of use, so if we can have fast cores, that’s all 3 a condition from us Dedy: based on that condition we only found 2 smartphones but later there will be 1 that might be considered even though we don’t recommend it a bit , but later there will be.

Informasi harga HP 2 jutaan

2+1 for this one, Dedy: what was the first one? Chris: the first one we have is from Xiaomi, Xiaomi Redmi 9 Dedy: Xiaomi Redmi 9 Chris: why did we choose this, firstly he has used the Mediatek Helio G80 SOC so the performance is really good for playing games it should also be ok and from our test results he has okay and this is what matters.

The RAM is 4GB, the storage is 64GB, at a price still below 2 million , there is also an option of 3GB + 32GB, but because the difference is thin.

We recommend going straight to the 4GB+64GB option for the long term too, 64GB storage and the screen is Full HD+ Dedy: this is cheap Full HD, isn’t it Chris: under 2 million, the screen is Full HD+, this is great then the battery is 5000’s, 5020mAh to be precise and already supports 18W quick charge Dedy: it supports but the charger is not provided Chris: the charger provided 10W must be purchased separately for quick charging but for the battery, based on our test results, it is durable then for the rear camera there is a 13MP camera the main then there is an 8MP ultrawide camera and there is a 5MP Macro and 2MP depth so it’s not bad for a price under 2 million there’s a main camera plus an ultrawide camera at least Dedy: that’s important, everything else is thrown away, it’s okay, the second important thing is an 8MP selfie, already it’s ok, what’s important is that the slot is Chris: the slot is 2+1, the slot is non-hybrid, that means you can insert dual SIM plus one micro SD at the same time Dedy: then the charging port? Chris: already using USB type- C, under 2 million already using type-C, it’s very modern, and the audio jack is still there and this is important for Xiaomi products, there’s still an IR Blaster Dedy: it has an Infra Red blaster, so you want to be a remote yes, but is there a downside? Chris: of course there are some weaknesses or considerations that you need to know before taking the Redmi 9, the first: from our test results, there are still some games whose performance is not optimal, for example PUBG Mobile if it is set on smooth-high or ultra-smooth still good but if you unlock it to extreme settings it’s a bit difficult to get 60 FPS it’s too jumpy so those of you who want 60 FPS are a bit difficult so at 40 FPS it’s still ok then this might not be a problem from Redmi 9 only but a problem from SOC Mediatek The G series is also an example, this AoV (Arena of Valor) game does not open 60 FPS unfortunately Dedy: this is a developer collaboration problem Chris: so it doesn’t mean the SOC is not fast so if you want to play a specific game like AoV, our test results , can’t get 60 FPS just locked at 30 FPS then the second gyro, there is no dedicated gyro still virtual gyro is not good for you PUBG players who use Dedy’s gyro: but if you play P UBG without gyro? Chris: safe Dedy: go on, Genshin Impact safe?

Chris: I can walk Dedy: I can still run, it’s okay especially the 4GB variant.

Chris: but don’t expect it to be stable above 40 FPS Dedy: yes, it’s not a gaming smartphone even though the chipset is said to be a gaming chipset, so what else? Chris: unfortunately from our test results, the camera is not equipped with a stabilizer even though it can record Full HD, it doesn’t have a stabilizer yet, so if you want to create content you need to be extra careful Dedy: or use a gimbal Chris: or use a gimbal, at least use a small tripod is enough to help then the microphone, for this price range, don’t expect much so if you want to vlog with this, if you can use an external microphone the built-in microphone is a bit lacking Dedy: so you have to use an additional mic the price is in the range? Chris: 1,899,000 from the last official price we checked. Dedy: this is the official price, right?

So don’t complain if later in the store the price is different Chris: if you can get it cheaper or even better Dedy: yes, just look for it in the MiStore, it’s safe Chris: that’s all, let’s move on to the next smartphone Dedy: ok for the next there is the Infinix Hot 10 it’s cheaper even SOC Mediatek Helio G70 he has a version.

the 4GB RAM + 64GB Storage version is the same as 4GB + 128GB both are under 2 million rupiah, this is crazy, 4GB + 128GB is still under 2 million rupiah and not 1,999,000 also the screen is quite big 6.78 ” the screen is HD + but we don’t complain , for a price below 2 million the battery is quite large, 5200mAh Chris: instead it benefits the HD screen Dedy: yes, the game becomes lighter Chris: yes the game becomes lighter and the battery lasts longer than the camera, 16MP Quad Camera, but that’s us Assume that the single camera is actually macro, depth and others are only 2MP, so it feels like only a single camera is functional, only one camera Dedy: but it’s ok the main camera, although the white balance sometimes jumps Chris: I hope Infinix hears and provides updates for problems that’s Dedy: so for video it’s a bit lacking, but for photos it’s ok the main point why we choose, he has 4GB + 128GB we haven’t found another 4GB + 128GB at this price and it is equipped with Helios G70 selfie camera ra 8 MP android 10, ok this is Chris: maybe the points you should consider are, the first: although it is equipped with a 5200mAh battery but it is not equipped with a quick charging feature so it takes a long time to charge, it can take more than 3 hours so it’s not the type of smartphone that doesn’t you can expect fast charging with a 5200mAH battery and HD screen, this is the type of smartphone that you just sleep in while charging Dedy: but the good thing about slow charging is that it has a long battery life, theoretically it will last a long time when you plug it in and you use it, it doesn’t it will be too hot because the inflow is not too high when it is charging then there is no slow motion video for this price we don’t really expect Netflix? Chris: unfortunately it’s still L3 Dedy: but the screen is HD, right, so the playback is still SD Chris: yes, SD, but you can use it to make sense Dedy: yes, download it first.

this is the same treatment as all L3 ones, first download the high quality one later you will get higher quality even though it’s not Full HD quality then WiFi is still WiFi 4 Chris: still WiFi 4 unfortunately Dedy: but it’s still ok maybe one of them it will be burdensome for those of you who have never used the XOS OS, the features are slightly different, the usage patterns are a bit different and sometimes there are intrusive advertisements, although Xiaomi also exists but Xiaomi has learned a long time, the ads are not as intrusive as the ads here Oh Chris: actually you can remove the adverts but for new users who don’t like editing, just accept using it, it will be a bit annoying Dedy: you have to uninstall a lot of cores if you want to learn a little to get rid of them, this is really ok, 128GB is 4GB RAM , 128GB storage is amazing for this price range How much does it cost?

Chris: the 4GB + 64GB one costs Rp.

1,599,000 and the 4GB + 128GB is at Rp. 1,799,000 this is amazing, but this is a promotional price, still, the non-promotional price is still under 2 million, this is very interesting OK, that was the one we recommended, but there’s one more thing that is worth considering Chris: even though our requirements are not fulfilled here, the Cortex A7 is not fulfilled so this is the Realme C15 Dedy: What’s the spec? Chris: so he’s using a Mediatek Helio G35 from the specifications it’s called a gaming processor, but from our test results it’s not for gaming Dedy: there’s already a video, just check the video, it’s about G25 and G35 Chris: so yeah, it’s not performance for gaming Dedy : but he’s economical because he uses Cortex A53 all Chris: by the way it’s economical, this one has a big battery too, 6000mAh Dedy: 6000mAh! Chris: so this is perfect for those of you who are very focused on the battery, so if you want to find a durable smartphone, this is one option that you can consider under the price of 2 million Dedy: at that time we watched a video test, it lasted 30 hours a lot longer RAM how much is he?

Chris: 3GB RAM with 64GB storage, so it’s quite worth considering, but that’s not really a performance for gaming.

Dedy: I’m not a gamer, but what I’m looking for is economical. This product is very attractive for its appearance and it’s not bad. Chris: yes, it’s not bad. Dedy: even though it’s plastic, it looks cool.

Chris: before, Realme was famous for its design just like that. Now, the Realme C series has changed, Dedy: yes, it’s starting to change here. Then proceed to Narzo, which is the box model, but this is a special consideration if you want only a long battery life, this can be your consideration. So that’s it for 1-2 million 2 + 1, to be precise Chris: it’s not much, it’s not much because for what’s new is this maybe you guys are using the previous recommendation, Max Pro M1 is the champion in this price range Chris: then Redmi Note 5, Zenphone X Pro M2 Dedy: who knows there are still those who really are, it’s still really ok but we didn’t find a new one so our recommendation fell on this 2 + 1 recommendation ok, don’t forget that this is our recommendation, but you guys are the most entitled to make your own personal choices, pay attention to how we chose earlier, what we consider, what do you think? we are still ok or what we think is lacking.

it is considered from there does not suit you? if it fits, please choose it, if there is another choice, please choose another if we have missed something, if there is something new Chris: maybe you guys want to compare products A and B, please provide input in the comments below, give reasons what is it, maybe other friends who are watching can give their opinions too because everyone’s choice can be different ok, until here first for the 1-2 million choice we will also have another video, 2-3 million, 3 -4 million, 4-5 million and so on up to the premium one we will make everything at the end of 2020